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Dr. Douglas B. Shaw on the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit

Douglas B. Shaw on the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit from GW’s Elliott School on Vimeo.
My dear friend and colleague offer insightful comments on the upcoming nuclear summit.

Eric Holder and the preemptive use of military force

Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder delivered an address at Northwestern University School of Law on “Ensuring Security, Justice, and Liberty.” In this address, he outlined numerous aspects of the Administration’s approach to national security issues– including the use of civilian courts, military commissions, and targeted killings. While there are many elements of the address that are worthy of comment, I …

Supreme Court orders reargument of Kiobel, expanding question to extraterritoriality of Alien Tort Statute

In a somewhat surprising move, the Supreme Court issued an order this morning order the reargument of Kiobel v.. Royal Dutch Petroleum. The order reads as follows:
KIOBEL, ESTHER, ET AL. V. ROYAL DUTCH PETROLEUM, ET AL. This case is restored to the calendar for reargument. The parties are directed to file supplemental briefs addressing …

Georgetown President John J. DeGioia’s Message on Civility and Public Discourse

March 2, 2012
Dear Members of the Georgetown Community:
There is a legitimate question of public policy before our nation today.  In the effort to address the problem of the nearly fifty million Americans who lack health insurance, our lawmakers enacted legislation that seeks to increase access to health care. In recent weeks, a question regarding the breadth …

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