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Byman and King on “Phantom States”– More evidence of a neo-medieval international system

My colleagues (and friends!) Dan Byman and Charles King have a  fascinating article in The Washington Quarterly on “The Mystery of Phantom States.” In this piece, they explore the existence of polities that seem to have de facto statehood, like Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno—Karabakh and the Dniester Moldovan Republic. They argue:
Seeing phantom statehood as simply a legitimacy problem or a …

Would it be lawful to aid Syrian rebels: A commentary on Mark Lagon’s proposal

Over at The Internationalist, my dear friend and colleague, Ambassador Mark Lagon, posts on lessons for intervention in Syria. Lagon writes:
Despite a reputation as arch-hawk, in her twilight years the first U.S. female UN ambassador, Jeane Kirkpatrick, privately opposed invasion and occupation in Iraq. (I knew, as she was my mentor.) Biographer extraordinaire Peter Collier documents this …

Georgetown International Relations Program for High School Students Begins Today

The 2012 Georgetown Summer International Relations Program for High School Students begins today! Later today, 226 high school students from all over the worlds will be arriving for orientation. The academic program will official begin tomorrow morning. As in past years, we a look forward to an outstanding program!
We will be live-Tweeting the program on Twitter at @SummerIR and posting …

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