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Below you will find additional select audio and video content of Anthony Clark Arend’s interviews, lectures, programs and media appearances:

VIDEO: Obama’s Diplomatic Initiatives January 1, 2010, C-SPAN Interview with Anthony Clark Arend on Washington Journal

Anthony Clark Arend, Government and Foreign Service professor at Georgetown University, talked about President Obama’s diplomatic initiatives and approach to diplomacy so far, and examined how he has dealt with foreign leaders and major international organizations like NATO and the G8.

AUDIO: Should the Christmas Day terror suspect be tried in federal court?, January 4, 2010, WTOP Radio Interview

AUDIO: Obama’s First Year in Foreign Policy, December 27, 2009, Voice of America Interview with Dean Carol Lancaster and Anthony Clark Arend

AUDIO: Global Thoughts for a New Administration January 15, 2009, An Interview with Anthony Clark Arend; Georgetown University

Anthony C. Arend, Professor of Government and Foreign Service and Director of Georgetown’s Master of Science in Foreign Service, discusses how he trains future political and world leaders, what he sees as the most pressing issues facing the new Obama administration, and just what it means to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The program opens with some of his views on effective teaching, especially in light of the necessary content of any vigorous curriculum involving global human rights.  Then he looks back on his academic training at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service for undergraduate school and at the University of Virginia for a master’s degree and Ph.D., before returning to Georgetown as a faculty member.  He explains and de-mystifies his role along with many other Georgetown faculty members as part of the Council on Foreign Relations, and he concludes with his global recommendations for the new Obama administration.

VIDEO: Challenges Facing the New Administration January 16, 2009, A Panel Moderated by Paul Begala; Georgetown University

Paul Begala, former Clinton advisor and leading liberal political strategist and commentator, discussed the most pressing issues facing President Obama with Georgetown experts in human rights and international relations, the economy, the environment and healthcare. Panelists included Reena Aggarwal, professor of finance; Tony Arend, professor of human rights and international affairs; Tim Beach, professor of geography and geoscience; and Judy Feder, professor of public policy.  The panel agreed that Obama’s agenda is daunting, but that the new president inspires levels of excitement unseen in Washington and around the nation since President Ronald Reagan’s first term.

AUDIO: Ex-Dictator Noriega in Limbo as Release Looms August 29, 2007, All Things Considered

Anthony Arend, director of the Institute for International Law and Politics, comments on a federal judge ruling that former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega can be extradited to France to serve time there instead of Panama:

“Because France is a party to the Geneva Conventions relative to the treatment of prisoners of war, we can certainly transfer him to France, and as long as we have every indication France will abide by its obligations under the Geneva Conventions, that would be perfectly legal.”

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Anthony Clark Arend is Professor of Government and Foreign Service at Georgetown University and the Director of the Master of Science in Foreign Service in the Walsh School of Foreign Service.

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