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Bill Clinton on the President’s Constitutional Authority to Enforce International Law

On Fareed Zakaria this morning, former President Bill Clinton discussed the authority of the president to use force without Congressional authorization. In response to a question, Clinton indicated that the president did not need to get Congressional authorization because Syria had violated international law by using chemical weapons.
This strikes me as a remarkable claim: that the President can use military …

U.S. Priorities at the 68th UN General Assembly, Sept 12, 9:30am, Georgetown University

The Master of Science in Foreign Service Program and the Mortara Center for International Studies present:

U.S. Priorities at the 68th UN General Assembly

The U.S., the United Nations, and a World of Shared Challenges

RSVP at this link

Please join us for remarks by Dean Pittman, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs,  for a discussion of U.S. priorities at the …

What if Congress does not authorize the use of force against Syria?

In his address yesterday, President Obama indicated that he would seek Congressional authorization for military action against Syria. But he also stated: “I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization . . . .”
So, will happen if Congress does not provide this authorization? Will the President act nonetheless? And would such action …

Video: Some Comments on the Legality of Military Action in Syria

Advice to High School Students–and Everyone Else: Georgetown’s International Relations Program

Since 1988, it has been my honor to direct Georgetown University’s International Relations Program for High School Students. Georgetown brings about 220 high school students from all over the world to Washington for an eight-day, intensive program in international relations. Over the course of the week, the students attend presentations by Georgetown faculty, international relations practitioners and others on a …

Dialogue with Parliamentarians from Myanmar (Burma), July 1, 3:00PM

The Georgetown University
Master of Science in Foreign Service Program
INVITES you to come join an informal dialogue with
Members of Parliament and Staff
of the National League of Democracy party
in Myanmar (Burma)

Monday, July 1st

Intercultural Center
7th Floor Executive Conference Room
Georgetown University
3700 O Street, N.W.
PLEASE RSVP to Connor Lock at
(Direct questions to Prof. Mark Lagon at

With major thanks for the partnership of MSFS …

Complete Text: Alberto Mora discussing torture and cruel and inhuman treatment of detainees in Georgetown’s William V. O’Brien Lecture in International Law and Morality



APRIL 30, 2013

My sincere thanks to Georgetown University for having conferred on me the distinction of being asked to present today the William O’Brien Lecture in International Law and Morality. I also wish to thank my friends, Mark Lagon and Tony Arend, for their support of …

May 15- Book Launch: Strategic Thinking in 3D: A Guide for National Security, Foreign Policy, and Business Professionals, by Ross Harrison

On May 15th from 5-7 pm,  the Master of Science in Foreign Service Program at Georgetown University will be hosting the celebration of the launch of Professor Ross Harrison’s new book Strategic Thinking in 3D: A Guide for National Security, Foreign Policy and Business Professionals (Potomac Books, an imprint of the University of Nebraska Press: 2013). All are welcome.  The event will take place on …

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