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Video: Truth Commission?

“Truth Commission?” from Anthony Clark Arend on Vimeo.

Obama’s Comments on the Leahy Proposal for a Truth Commission

From the transcript of President Obama’s press conference:
Question: Thank you, Mr. President. Today, Senator Patrick Leahy announced that he wants to set up a truth and reconciliation committee to investigate the misdeeds of the Bush administration. He said that, before you turn the page, you have to read the page first.
Do you agree with such a proposal? And are …

Text & Video of Leahy’s Georgetown Address Recommending a Truth Commission

As noted in the previous post, in an address at Georgetown University earlier today, Senator Patrick Leahy proposed the idea of creating a truth commission to address the actions of the Bush Administration. The entire text of Senator Leahy’s address at the 2009 Marver Bernstein Symposium can be found here.  C-SPAN has posted a video of the address– including questions …

BREAKING NEWS: Leahy Proposes Truth and Reconciliation Commission

In his Marver Bernstein Address at Georgetown University today, Senator Patrick Leahy proposed the creation of a comprehensive “truth and reconciliation commission” to address questions relating to the practices of the previous administration in areas such as detainee treatment, interrogation techniques, and the dismissal of U.S. attorneys.
More info soon ….

Webcast: Panel on The Post-Guantanamo Era

From Bobby Chesney:
The Post-Guantanamo Era: A Dialogue on the Law and Policy of Detention and Counterterrorism
On Wednesday, January 28, 2009, the University of Texas School of Law and the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law hosted a panel discussion about the task of reforming the government’s approach to military detentions.  See here for more details.
The event was …

Obama Issues Executive Orders on Interrogation, Guantanamo, Detainee Policy, and Memo on al-Marri

President Obama issue three historic executive orders today:

Review and Disposition of Individuals Detained at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Closure of Detention Facilities
Review of Detention Policy Options
Ensuring Lawful Interrogations

The President also signed a memorandum directing a review of the al-Marri case.
These are truly remarkable documents. Here is an excerpt from the E.O. on Interrogations:
Sec. 3.  Standards and Practices for …

DNI Nominee Blair Pledges New Approach to Intelligence

The New York Times is reporting:
Dennis C. Blair, the retired admiral who is President Obama’s choice as the nation’s top intelligence official, pledged in testimony to be delivered on Thursday that he would require counterterrorism programs to operate “in a manner consistent with our nation’s values, consistent with our Constitution and consistent with the rule of law.”
Mr. Blair appeared to …

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Suspends 5 Detainee Trials

The Washington Post is reporting:
A U.S. military judge Wednesday suspended the trial of five detainees accused of involvement in plotting the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, acceding to a request from military prosecutors in accordance with a directive from the new Obama administration late Tuesday.
The suspension halts until late May the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the avowed mastermind of …

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