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CIA Inspector General’s Report: Will criminal and civil action follow?

Much is being written about the soon-to-be released Inspector General’s report on the Central Intelligence Agency. Slated to be released on Monday, the report will allegedly disclose further abuses of detainees. For example, the New York Times reports:
C.I.A. jailers at different times held the handgun and the drill close to the detainee, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, threatening to harm him if …

Justice Department set forth basis for detention, abandons term “enemy combatant”

In a memo filed today with US District Court Judge John D. Bates, the Justice Department set forth its legal basis for detaining persons associated with terrorism and abandoned the use of the term “enemy combatant.” The memo can be found here. The memo states the new framework for detention as follows:
The President has the authority to detain persons that …

Video: A New Geneva Convention

A New Geneva Convention from Anthony Clark Arend on Vimeo.
Anthony Clark Arend discusses the prospect of a new Geneva Convention.

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