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Video: White House Director of Citizen Participation Katie Stanton on the Shanghai Town Hall and technology

A previous post contained a video of President Obama’s town hall meeting in China where he was posed a question about Twitter and Internet access. The White House today posted this video from Katie Stanton, White House Director of Citizen Participation, discussing the town hall and the Administration’s use of technology.

Video: Obama holds town hall with Chinese Students; addresses Internet access and Twitter

In an address given at a town hall meeting with “Future Chinese Leaders,” President Obama was asked a question about Twitter. Here is the exchange:
Okay.  All right?  Jon — I’m going to call on my Ambassador because I think he has a question that was generated through the Web site of our embassy.  This was selected, though, by I …

Video: Evgeny Morozov, Georgetown University’s Yahoo! Fellow, discussing how the Internet aids dictatorships

And you can ask Evgeny a question about his views. From the TED Blog–
Evgeny Morozov is a contrarian of the online revolution, reminding us all that while the Internet has done a tremendous amount of good — liberating ideas, facts and people — it is just as useful at promoting oppression. His insightful TEDTalk details examples of how regimes are …

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