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Video: Joseph Circincione on U.S. Nuclear Policy from the Tides Momentum Conference 2009

From the Tides Momentum Conference 2009.
As their website explains:
Momentum 2009 brings together a group of 300 dynamic participants comprised of forward-thinking activists, philanthropists and social entrepreneurs. The issues that face society today defy simple solutions. Only by understanding how our issues and work are interconnected can we hope to create the change that is needed for a healthy, just and …

Video on Nuclear Weapons from the Two Futures Project- “It’s Time”

From the Two Futures Project.
HT: Joe Cirincione

Nuclear Identity– Currency from North Korea

Courtesy of my friend Doug Shaw- from Arms Control

Nuclear Proliferation, Michael Douglas, and the Embassy of Italy– not to mention Bob Gallucci, Chuck Hagel, and Joe Cirincione

In case you missed the press accounts of this event last week, the Washingtonian reports:
The Ploughshares Fund and the Italian Embassy hosted a panel discussion last night [Wednesday, May 20] to talk about the current state of nuclear policy and the continuing efforts against global proliferation. The discussion was moderated by actor Michael Douglas, an 11-year United Nations ambassador and …

Breaking News: North Korea claims to have conducted second nuclear test

Reuters is reporting:
North Korea said it had successfully conducted a nuclear test on Monday, raising the explosive power and level of control of its nuclear device to a new level, its state media said.
“We have successfully conducted another nuclear test on May 25 as part of the republic’s measures to strengthen its nuclear deterrent,” the North’s official KCNA news agency …

North Korea launches missile, Obama responds

The New York Times is reporting:
North Korea defied the United States, China and a series of United Nations resolutions by launching a rocket on Sunday that the country said was designed to propel a satellite into space, but that much of the world viewed as an effort to prove it is edging toward the capability to shoot a nuclear warhead …

Joseph Cirincione on Obama’s Nuclear Policy

Over at Nukes on a blog, my great friend, Doug Shaw, reports on a talk given by Ploughshares Fund President and MSFS faculty member, Joseph Cirincione at the Elliot School at the George Washington University. Shaw notes:
Highlighting the importance of what the New York Times editorial page had earlier in the day called a “Watershed Moment on Nuclear Arms,” …

A.Q. Khan Release by Pakistan

The New York Times reports:
A Pakistani court freed one of the most successful nuclear proliferators in history, Abdul Qadeer Khan, from house arrest on Friday, lifting the restrictions imposed on him since 2004 when he publicly confessed to running an illicit nuclear network.
Mr. Khan, 73, considered in the West as a rogue scientist and a pariah who sold technology to …

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