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Investigating the intelligence community: What does history teach us?

In today’s Washington Post, Professor Loch Johnson, former special assistant to the late Senator Frank Church, reminds us previous efforts to investigate allegations of wrong-doing in the intelligence community. Dr. Johnson writes:
During the first half of the Cold War, the CIA was largely free of serious congressional supervision. And despite controversies such as the U2 shoot-down over the Soviet Union, …

Thomas Pickering and William Sessions: “Why a Presidential Commission on Torture Is Critical to America’s Security”

In case you missed it, former US Ambassador for the United Nations, Thomas R. Pickering, and former FBI Director, William S. Sessions, had an op ed in Monday’s Washington Post arguing in favor of the creation of a presidential commission to investigate the behavior of American officials in the post-9/11 world. They explain:
America needs President Obama to name a nonpartisan …

Video: Truth Commission?

“Truth Commission?” from Anthony Clark Arend on Vimeo.

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