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Video: Georgetown’s Summer International Relations Program for High School Students 2009

This video was produced  by our counselor, Jasdeep Singh, and shown at the concluding session of the Program on Saturday, July 18, 2009. Thanks to Mr. Singh for the video, to our Student Coordinator, Anupam Chakravarty, for his leadership, to all the counselors for their dedication, to the speakers for their wisdom, and to all the high school students for …

Georgetown’s Summer International Relations Program for High School Students ends today

As noted in the previous post, the 2009 Summer International Relations Program for High School Students has been taking place over the course of this past week. Starting last night and continuing through today, the students have been engaging in a crisis simuation relating to Somalia. In a few minutes, they will begin the final phase of this simulation– a …

Georgetown’s Summer International Relations Program for High School Students begins today

Since 1988, I have been running a week-long program for high school students interested in international relations under the auspices of Georgetown’s School for Continuing Studies. This afternoon about 224 high school students will check into the dorms to begin an intensive exploration of international relations. Here is a list of topics and speakers:
Georgetown University
International Relations Program for High …

Amit Yoran on Cyber Security and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

My friend Amit Yoran recently gave an interview to Steven Fox of CSO-online in which he explored the relevance of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War to cyber security. Amit is one of the world’s leading experts on cyber security. The is currently the Chairman and  CEO of NetWitness and former Cyber Security Czar for the United States. The podcast …

Prolonged Detention– How long?

Earlier today, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing on “legal issues regarding military commissions and the trial of detainees for violations of the law of war” (archived webcast here).  At that hearing, Department of Defense General Counsel Jeh Johnson supported the notion of “prolonged detention.”  He noted that “as a matter of legal authority”– citing the “laws of …

Biden on Israel’s “sovereign right” to use force

Earlier today, Vice President Joe Biden engaged in the following dialogue with George Stephanopolous on ABC’s “This Week”:
STEPHANOPOULOS: And meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it pretty clear that he agreed with President Obama to give until the end of the year for this whole process of engagement to work. After that, he’s prepared to take matters into his own …

Gates creates new Cyber Security Command

The Wall Street Journal reports:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates created a new military command dedicated to cyber security on Tuesday, reflecting the Obama administration’s plans to centralize and elevate computer security as a major national-security issue.
In a memo to senior Pentagon officials, Mr. Gates said he intends to recommend that Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency, take …

European Union willing to help resettle detainees from Guantanamo, wants new legal collaboration

Reuters is reporting:
European Union member states are ready to help resettle detainees freed from the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, the EU said on Monday.
A joint statement by Brussels and Washington said the EU backed the decision by the United States to close the detention center and set out a framework for cooperation under …

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